Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that deals with mental disorders. Stigma has surrounded this field for many years and had a negative impact in multiple ways. I can gladly say that the image of psychiatry has greatly changed in recent years with more people becoming aware of the importance of mental health. While mental disorders have been the same for centuries, modern advances in medical treatments have changed their outcome in a positive way.

I am currently a consultant psychiatrist in Kuwait. Through my website, I am hoping to present psychiatric disorders with their symptoms, causes and treatments in a simple and friendly way. With my knowledge and experience, my aim is to increase people's awareness about mental health and its importance in everyday life.

I offer a wide range of assessments and provide medical and psychological treatments in utmost confidentiality.

Salmiya, Fourth Ring Road, Block 12, Abou Thar Al-Ghafari street, Al-Hashel Medical Centre, First floor

Telephone:السالمية، قطعة 12، شارع ابوذر الغفاري، مركز الهاشل الطبي، الدور الاول، مقابل الدائري الرابع 67673500